WORKS-R was founded as a passion project. To bring people together and create an awesome community of car and bike enjoyers around the world. With the dream of one day being able to visit a car meet, and have multiple vehicles under the WORKS-R name lined up next to each other.

At WORKS-R we don't just visit meets. We also create, host and organise our own car meets, tours and other events.
Think dyno days, track days on circuit Zandvoort, Assen, Meppen and Zolder, barbeques, and so much more. Our mission is to bring automotive enthusiasts closer together through awesome meets and events. To create new connections and friendships.

About me

I am Thomas, automotive enthusiast and founder of WORKS-R. I have a huge passion for anything automotive. The concept of creating a car club has been a dream since before I even owned my first car. Watching Initial D and Wagan Midnight as a kid, learning about the Mid Night Racing Team (also known as the Mid Night Club), I thought car clubs were the coolest thing ever. As I grew older many club names were brainstormed with my good friend Paul. Radar Rumblers, Kyusha Zero, Sousha Zero and WORKS-R among others.
On July 11th 2021 I bought my first car, a Citroën Xantia. And later that same year, in December, I bought a Saxo with the intention of building it into a track car. I gutted the interior and went to my first trackday at Racepark Meppen. What a blast! I was still running the cheap economy tires that came on my car when I bought it, and boy were they crap. Quite literally melting away from under the car after a few laps. But despite this I had a great time. The low grip tires allowed me to experience exceeding the limits of grip at relatively safe speeds. I would highly encourage any fellow enthusiast to visit a trackday with their car. It’s massive fun and a great learning experience.

In summer 2023, encouraged by Paul, I realised another childhood dream. My own club, WORKS-R. Inspired by Wangan Midnight, a logo was designed and the first banner was made. I got some of my friends to join, they got some of their friends to join, and from there WORKS-R started to slowly grow.

With WORKS-R I want to create a platform for fellow car enthusiasts to find and meet each other. I try to frequently host meets where all our members can have a great time. Be it a simple parking lot meet and tour, a session of karting with the mates, or a full-on track day. My goal is to bring people together and create a good time for everyone.


As mentioned before. WORK-R was founded as a passion project. But where does the WORK-R name come from? The name came from Eiji Kamiya, a character starring in the Japanese manga and anime series Wangan Midnight, written by Michiharu Kusunoki. As a kid, and still to this day, I absolutely love this series. When trying to come up with a name for my passion project the name WORKS-R just kept popping up. I figured, why not? So design on a similar, but not exact copy, of Eji's WORKS-R logo began. A few prototypes were made and put on my cars. Once the final design was achieved, all that was left is getting WORK-R into the world. Which is where we are now, trying to grow our little community into something bigger and better.

I hope after reading this you will be interested in joining our passion project and community.
- Thomas, Founder of WORKS-R